PSSRD site instructions
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Browse Modular Function:The PSSRD Browse collected the Simple repeat sequence and template information of plant,and will be updated at intervals.


Download Modular Function: PSSRD Download offers simple repeat sequences of some Plants SSR and protists for users to download and update at regular intervals.


Tools Modular Function: The user submits the species CDS file, automatically generates the SSR sequence information of the species, SSR template sequence information and simple analysis chart.

  1. Web PSSR Finder
    UPLOAD THE CDS file and modify the SSR parameters, and wait a few minutes to get the desired result.

  2. Generate the result page
    Provide download and graphical information on the results of SSR data.

  3. Chart page
    The SSR data are presented in the form of a graph and the graph is available for download.


Chart Modular Function:To show the comparison of SSR data between single species and multi-species..

  1. Single species SSR data graph page
    A graph of SSR data for a single species.

  2. MULTI-SPECIES SSR data chart page.
    Present a comparison chart of SSR data among species.